Sunday, 12 February 2012

Just so you know...

Ok - tomorrow should be a 'routine' surgery, sure it's complicated and lengthy (1 and a half hours) but it's a type of surgery the surgeon should have done a thousand times. But being a belt and braces kinda guy here's some parting thoughts just in case someone accidentally steps on the air tube while they are hovering over me...

So, who is this Rory Grant? Well he's an idiot for sure, preparing for major surgery by getting blind drunk and being ill ever since was not a good idea (I'm reasonably sure that by tomorrow all traces of alcohol will be gone.)

He's a guy who loves his kids, both biological and non biological - both sets scrub up nicely in the washing machine of life. With the exception of one biological child however, none of the other biological's speak to me (4 of them)- doesn't make me love them less though - but it does give me something to work on when I get out of hospital.

I love my wee wifey to bits - she's suffered too many blows from the 'lack of self esteem' stick, and watching her develop into a more confident, more determined, and almost more assertive person has been a real pleasure which I still derive joy from daily. She'll go far with her writing skills - much further than me.

I love my friends with an intensity and passion which means loyalty is what you get every time.

I have had several secret lives - way back many years ago - I 'worked the field' - I didn't sit in an office, I didn't push paperwork. I infiltrated terrorist cells and lived, worked and breathed the same space as them. I'm proud of the fact I was directly responsible for the ultimate capture and rounding up of two of them - and equally disappointed that one got away - it's life changing. I REALLY mean life changing.

When you're confronted by a 'suit' from London and told 'You can no longer live here, too dangerous. You have ten minutes to decide where you want your future to be Mr Grant - so long as it's in the Commonwealth or was once part of the British Empire...' (Big hint at America there which I declined) '...we should be able to facilitate it. You'll be leaving today.'
You know things are never going to be the same. They never have.

My other secret life is wrapped up in my belief system. It's a weird one. I believe most of the heavy hitting govts of the west (should that be corporations?) control the field of ideas. I trust Chomsky when he says the flow of information is not only controlled but shaped by the media. What we actually debate and argue about is mostly informed to us through the media - if it's controlled and shapes the debate then 'alternatives' are non -starters. With that in mind and from a sociological perspective - something is wrong with AIDS/HIV theories. They don't fit, they don't add up - I don't have the answers, only questions, but something is wrong with it - You look at a picture hanging on the wall and you just know it's 'not right', you're not sure what would be right - but you know 'it's not right' - such is my view of the whole HIV/AIDS issue (assisted by some good sociological research of course).

There's enough in abiogenic oil production theory to wonder if we are all being conned by the giant energy companies. Don't let the media let you think it's a done deal, most of the good Russian Science on it has never been fully explored by the west since it was written in Russian. Since being 'emptied' and capped - five of the largest oil fields in the world have mysteriously 'filled up again' over the last ten years. The abiogenic argument just won't go away... Abiogenic Oil Theory
I'm not saying Abiogenic represents the truth - but as we keep on finding more and more oil (don't be fooled by the figures ie 'known reserves' - just how much do we have in 'unknown reserves'? - Lots.) Just how many fossilised life forms did it take to produce the amount of oil we have used up to this point? How many did it take to produce what we know still lies under there - can the numbers ever possibly equate?

Oh and I haven't even touched upon my beliefs in certain supernatural/paranormal fields - I was a huge fan of Lyall Watson and his 1979 book 'Supernature' - in which he argued that plants, grasses etc can and do communicate with one another. He was ridiculed by mainstream science but I thought the experiments he had set up were scientifically sound. Now of course, we can play with certain genes - and 'voila' Watson appears to have been right all along - plants do talk to one another Plants can Communicate

Ever since being 'despatched' by the UK Government - I've been something of a nomad - but throughout that entire period I have read Tarot cards and built up an international reputation for doing so.

Ok, there you have it - that should be enough to be getting on with - should I survive tomorrow, feel free to badger me, if not - well at least you know a little more about me.

Love you all.

PS - Just heard that Whitney Houston died - Tragic loss of a marvellous singer and beautiful lady. Damn she was good. My thoughts go out to her family.



  1. All goodness and luck in the surgery, darling man. I'm rooting for you, Solomon's seal and all. It'll be okay. Painful, but okay. And it'll suck to not hear from you for a couple of weeks. Love and hugs...x

  2. All will go well!!
    Can't wait for your return to writing, so love reading your posts. They make me smile and giggle upt loud at times!

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery, if such a thing really exists, but way to leave me hanging! Thank you for giving me some subjects to explore in your absence and I look forward to your return!

  4. All the best Rory.. enjoyed reading this post.. very interesting indeed!.. hope your recovery is swift..and you're back to full health in no timex..

  5. Best of the best tomorrow. No fear. Be joyful that your pain will then be at the beginning of getting better.

    You have a great many theories that you will have to survive to discuss and not leave us hanging! (I thought I'd read years ago that oil did not take eons to make - it happens quite quickly - they must have hushed it up so they could go about making more or maybe they don't even have to with plants and animals and people continually dying anyway)

    Fascinating hint at what you did - should you have let the cat out of the bag? Or was it so long ago that you are safe? Or are you full of shit? (no offense intended there - if we were enjoying a pint at the pub and you'd said such a thing I'd call you on it)

  6. May your doctor have an angel on his shoulder during the operation, sounds like you already live with one. Best of luck, I hope the operation is 100% successful and brings you back to us full of stories to share.

  7. Best wishes for tomorrow, Rory.
    Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  8. Oi! Hope everything goes well for you. I'll keep the healing energies flowing towards you best I can. Get better and do a tarot reading for me will ya? ;)

  9. Rory, you continue to amaze me every time I stop by. I need to remind myself to do so more often!