Thursday, 10 November 2011

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle...

Our back garden is becoming somewhat overgrown since mowing with one arm and a three wheeled lawnmower (A horse box reversed over it) makes it exceedingly difficult. This brings dangers in Australia - slithery things move in at the first sight of cover.

After our Dog Banjo's recent accident, it's been essential to build up the muscle tone in his rear legs and so Brenna and I take him out to the back garden and have him chase a ball around - not for too long but just enough to slowly build him up. I've said in previous blog posts that whilst he is a big softie - He will attack any animal which threatens to get too close to Brenna and I. And so it was that in a Morphine and Diazepam induced stupor I took him outside and realised Brenna would have to do the kicking as there was more chance of me landing on my ass than actually connecting with the ball...She did just that and it landed by the garden shed door which was open - Banjo raced after it and then suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. He started growling at the shed before barking loudly and taking tentative steps toward the open door.
"Something's in there." I said to Brenna as she walked toward it.
"Probably a lizard" She called back.
I wasn't so sure as Banjo doesn't usually get this agitated over lizards.
Just to be safe I beat her to the door where Banjo continued barking wildly at the insides. I could see nothing.
Banjo appeared emboldened by our arrival and stepped further forward when suddenly we heard a loud rustle and a menacing "Hssssssss" - Banjo leapt back and Brenna yelled 'SNAKE!'

I think she armed herself with a pitchfork and I grabbed a Dutch Hoe (that doesn't sound quite right does it?) but yes it's a garden implement and not a woman sitting in a nearby window bathed in red light . We stepped a little further inside when the most horrifyingly loud "HiSSSSSSSSSS" and the rustling sound was heard again - something darted toward us but too fast to make out as it retreated again.
"Oh My God! It's a brown snake!" Brenna screamed and retreated - given that they are one of the world's top 5 deadliest creatures it was a wise move. Banjo was going ballistic.
"I saw it's eye! It's in that cardboard box in the middle." Brenna yelled...
I stepped a little closer with the Hoe, ready to strike, Brenna had grabbed Banjo by the collar and was struggling to restrain him.  The 'HSSSSSSSSSSS' came loud and clear and I got startled as leaping from the box came quite a young cat in a dreadful condition. It was emaciated, had chewed chunks of it's own tail due to mite infestation, it was so skinny it could have been Kate Moss in a fur coat. It didn't have the strength to put up a fight but was trying hard to. I stepped around it and there in the cardboard box were 4 newly born kittens - the question really was which would die first? The Mother or the Kittens?

Press 'Play' for the answer....


  1. Aww look at Banjo!!lol
    That is so cute!!
    They are adorable...

  2. Okay, I've gone all gooey over the babies and the gorgeous dog....what does the mama think of all this? No problems? Send me a kitten Rory...pleeeasssse

  3. I need insulin! Too sweeeeeeet~!

  4. Thanks Dawna :)

    Delores - Mama is fine with it all - the only time they seem to confront one another is dinner time and Cat wins every time.

    Thanks Laura - they really are adorable - I'm not a great fan of Cats but mum and kittens really are delightful. She's on the mend - still a bit skinny but her tail is now getting better - just missing some fur.

    They're well looked after by my daughters who think they are the 'greatest thing ever' lol...

  5. frickin' gorgeous adorable... and I'm so glad you're okay. :)

  6. Your first paragraph made my back tense, then I became upset, then I started breathing heavy, then aww........

    Life can turn out alright sometimes.

  7. OMG! This brought tears to my eyes!! Banjo's adopted them in his pack!! How bloody sweet is that! You've made this feline-crazy woman very happy. :)

  8. Perpetua! Good to hear from you! And thank you :)

    Starting over - Sorry, didn't mean to startle you - och everything always ends up ok here...

    Creative - I thought that would appeal to you ;)


  9. That was one good story :) I like happy endings!
    I love your dog, reminds me of our piggydog (its a steffordshire with alot of mixes, thats bigger and fatter than the usual tiny thing, hehe)
    What are you going to do with the Cat family now?

  10. Oh my! What can be cuter? Are you going to keep them all? :-)

  11. well, how sweet. What are you going to do with them all?


  12. Well done Rory, you've reminded me why we chose NZ over Aussie. No venomous snakes or deadly poisonous spiders.
    I can handle agressive sheep.

  13. That's lovely - going to send this to my daughters who will be oohing with delight (as I was, but inside, quietly, like a decent Englishman).

  14. Just checking in. Having another rough patch? All good wishes headed your way.

  15. Oh Rory? Where are you? You okay?

  16. That is soooo much better than snakes. Can't wait to see where this love story goes.

  17. You have such a big heart to take Mama and her babies in and nurse them back to health. Your dog is really sweet too. Such a nice feel good story. Love the video too.

  18. Another long silence Rory....I hope you are all right over there.