Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hide your face in shame book

I love Social Media.

"Sometime between 7am and 3pm, Saturday 20th" they said.

Our internet connection has been dreadful of late and the multi national involved had responded to my wife's Facebook plea for a better connection - they were coming to replace external cabling leading to the house.

Yesterday we waited, and we waited. Nothing happened.

For Rory D Grant, 'the hour of social media' had arrived. I would shame Telstra into action. I took to their Facebook page and unleashed my displeasure, I ranted, I raved, I demanded and disparaged in equal measure.  Bloodied and beaten they responded timidly, cowed, beaten. There it was on Facebook for all to see - a groveling apology was offered and the contacts proffered to rectify what was in their own words a 'let down'. Would I forgive them though?

Pleased at what I had achieved using social media I triumphantly looked across the sitting room at my wife. "I did it darlin', the bastards are sorry they ever let us down, they've grovelled and will re-arrange for their engineers to come out. I love how they respond so quickly when you hang out their dirty laundry in public. Rory D Grant 1 Telstra 0 ."
"Telstra?" My wife piped up.
"Yeah Telstra."
My wife shook her head, "We're not waiting on Telstra Rory, we're waiting on Energex...."

I hate social media.


Thursday, 18 December 2014

What's up in Wisconsin?

I have so much catching up to do. Had to start somewhere so I thought I'd have a look at which blog posts have been popular in my absence. Some of you know that I have two blogs - this one and 'If the Truth Be Told'. So I thought I'd look at the viewing figures for both, and I looked again...and again. Was this right? Could what I was seeing possibly be right? The smallest post entry I have ever made had not 100 views (which would have been good), not 500 (which would have been awesome) but....are you ready for this? Just short of a quarter of a million views...Yes 236,064 to be precise...did someone highlight it on TV or radio in Wisconsin? Where is Wisconsin lol?

What have I done? Why Wisconsin? So many questions, so few answers. Does this mean I could have been a billionaire if I'd only signed up for ads? Hell I didn't even do much - just threw up a Youtube video and a small piece of text.... The Blog Post in Question


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Just the usual kind of morning....

Just the usual kind of morning today, got up at 5am, went to the shops for milk, said 'Good morning" to a few faces I recognise daily, found a dead body in the bushes, came home, had a shower then coffee....Oh yeah, 'found a dead body in the bushes' that's a bit unusual I guess. He looked dead, felt dead, poor fella - but when the ambulance guys tended to him they assured me there was life in there somewhere. Anyway, whoever he was, I hope he makes it ok. Now that I'm blogging again I guess God has decided to give me something to talk about by way of a kick start.  I do so hope it's not going to be a blog littered with the dead and dying though - I want happy stuff!

Ok I'm making a promise to myself - my first ten blog posts will be uplifting....It's so hot here today though (I'm talking a million degrees), it's not really conducive to thinking and writing...

Unfortunately therefore, the most uplifting thing I can come up with today is this...


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I may have been in a coma....but then again...

Gently does it. I sat down and thought of all the weird, wonderful and simplistic things which could have prevented me from blogging for so long - coma, alien abduction, arctic expedition, none of them had the ring of truth I sought - because none of them would be true. Ill health does ring true. But ill health is complicated, 'wordy' and doesn't really convey the depth and nature of the issues bedeviling me for so long.  So there you have it, Rory's been ill, very ill. and that has to suffice for now. I'm better now, I know this because I can see, I can type (albeit painfully), I can walk, I can play guitar again - hell I can even hop skip and jump but I'm still working on the landings. I'm back blogging because I need to - I missed everyone here, even those with whom I might be at variance with their points of view. So why push it? Why turn up now? Well it seems to me there's a whole lot of hate and trouble going on out there (I'm pointing to the street from my window but 'street' = planet).

People who have genuine affection for one another and probably more importantly, genuine affection for those they don't even know, need to gather now. There's an urgency in the air. These are horrid times for so many. Let's see if we can write our way out of all that ails us as a species and a planet.

I cannot be held responsible for any posts made after 9pm however - I take my wonder drugs then. Jonathan Swift would be proud of me.  

To those of you who are still blogging after these years have elapsed - Good on ya :)

Missed you all.

PS - Don't ya just hate trying to remember passwords after years of not signing in?