Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hide your face in shame book

I love Social Media.

"Sometime between 7am and 3pm, Saturday 20th" they said.

Our internet connection has been dreadful of late and the multi national involved had responded to my wife's Facebook plea for a better connection - they were coming to replace external cabling leading to the house.

Yesterday we waited, and we waited. Nothing happened.

For Rory D Grant, 'the hour of social media' had arrived. I would shame Telstra into action. I took to their Facebook page and unleashed my displeasure, I ranted, I raved, I demanded and disparaged in equal measure.  Bloodied and beaten they responded timidly, cowed, beaten. There it was on Facebook for all to see - a groveling apology was offered and the contacts proffered to rectify what was in their own words a 'let down'. Would I forgive them though?

Pleased at what I had achieved using social media I triumphantly looked across the sitting room at my wife. "I did it darlin', the bastards are sorry they ever let us down, they've grovelled and will re-arrange for their engineers to come out. I love how they respond so quickly when you hang out their dirty laundry in public. Rory D Grant 1 Telstra 0 ."
"Telstra?" My wife piped up.
"Yeah Telstra."
My wife shook her head, "We're not waiting on Telstra Rory, we're waiting on Energex...."

I hate social media.



  1. Sounds like something I'd do...stinks to be getting old doesn't it?

    1. I realise I'm 'really' getting old Delores - for me there's no finer place to be - and no finer thing to be doing than the gardening. I lasted only an hour this morning. Need a nap lol.

  2. haahaaa that's funny!. I wonder if your wife did one of those internal eye rolls :)

    1. Good morning Dawna - Oh yes my wife 'rolled' alright, but it wasn't her eyes, she rolled all over the sofa in fits of laughter. I don't think I have ever seen anyone laugh so heartily. :)

  3. Oh, dear, I heartily dislike wasting vitriol.

  4. Seems Telstra isn't the only company that keeps people waiting. and waiting and waiting...they're quick enough to take your money though.