Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Just the usual kind of morning....

Just the usual kind of morning today, got up at 5am, went to the shops for milk, said 'Good morning" to a few faces I recognise daily, found a dead body in the bushes, came home, had a shower then coffee....Oh yeah, 'found a dead body in the bushes' that's a bit unusual I guess. He looked dead, felt dead, poor fella - but when the ambulance guys tended to him they assured me there was life in there somewhere. Anyway, whoever he was, I hope he makes it ok. Now that I'm blogging again I guess God has decided to give me something to talk about by way of a kick start.  I do so hope it's not going to be a blog littered with the dead and dying though - I want happy stuff!

Ok I'm making a promise to myself - my first ten blog posts will be uplifting....It's so hot here today though (I'm talking a million degrees), it's not really conducive to thinking and writing...

Unfortunately therefore, the most uplifting thing I can come up with today is this...



  1. Well it's positive the body still had life in it. Perhaps overcome with the heat? It's snowing here at the moment after a few days of fog and rain. I guess all the 'snow at Christmas' nuts will get their wish lol.

  2. Yes Delores it was good there was still life there - I don't like profiling people but the general impression I got was that his condition was drug induced. Luckily he had blue shoes on which stood out against the green shrubbery. Had they been earth coloured things could have been very different. Oh what I would give to see any time of year lol.

  3. Glad to see you back blogging!

    We've had grey days and mostly rain, some snow and freezing rain for 10 out of the last 14 days. We had gobs of snow in November and almost none in December as if autumn and winter swapped places this year in my corner of the world.

    I hope the bloke you found ends up ok, too.

    1. Hey Megan - So good to see you :) I've given up on the weather - it can do what it likes now - there's no predicting it. We've messed it up somewhat. It's all about mitigation now I suspect. Glad to see you are still blogging :)