Thursday, 18 December 2014

What's up in Wisconsin?

I have so much catching up to do. Had to start somewhere so I thought I'd have a look at which blog posts have been popular in my absence. Some of you know that I have two blogs - this one and 'If the Truth Be Told'. So I thought I'd look at the viewing figures for both, and I looked again...and again. Was this right? Could what I was seeing possibly be right? The smallest post entry I have ever made had not 100 views (which would have been good), not 500 (which would have been awesome) but....are you ready for this? Just short of a quarter of a million views...Yes 236,064 to be precise...did someone highlight it on TV or radio in Wisconsin? Where is Wisconsin lol?

What have I done? Why Wisconsin? So many questions, so few answers. Does this mean I could have been a billionaire if I'd only signed up for ads? Hell I didn't even do much - just threw up a Youtube video and a small piece of text.... The Blog Post in Question



  1. Well I can certainly see why it caught the populace of Wisconsin's attention lol.

    1. The difficulty with it is this Delores - viewing is not the same as approving or even disapproving. Am I welcome in Wisconsin, I wonder lol? It sounds like the kind of place you would want to go for a true American experience Wis-con-sin....sounds great.