Monday, 12 December 2011

Is it Ok to scream now?

I had just written my last blog post - I'd fixed my splints in such a way that I could type again - life was good, I'd got a date for my surgery and it was full speed ahead.
My wife reluctantly applied the brakes.
"I'm glad you're sitting down honey" She said.
I smiled, "Why what's up?"
"I'm afraid I have some rather bad news"
My smile disappeared. 'No' I thought, 'Not my my surgery date being changed, please, please don't be anything as drastic as that. Please don't tell me the hospital called and said my arm couldn't be saved'
Sadly, it was worse than that.
"I don't quite know how to tell you darlin'..." she said solemnly, "But...well...the router is broken and there's no internet until we get it fixed or get a new one."

For over a week now I've been surrounded by real life, pushing in and oppressing me. I walked lonely and distraught around the garden vainly seeking YouTube, Facebook, the blogs of my friends, hell I would have happily read the home pages of the British Government but nature has yet to tune into the new reality. Curse you beauty and normality. I saw so much of my kids that I can name each one by sight now, I can even find my way to the bathroom without being given directions.

Last night the new router was set up - and tentatively I say (so as not to tempt fate) I'm back on line...

My life support has been switched on again :)



  1. Life's a drag without the net!

  2. Haha! Welcome back to the cyberdome, Rory.

  3. Soooooo good to hear from you again. As always, you made me laugh.

  4. I was once without a computer for almost 3 weeks. It was horrible.. and more so when I realised what an internet junkie I am.

  5. All week we were having trouble with our internet. It's working now and we're switching to a different provider. I fear the change over will not go well. These things never do. I may be without internet too...till my husband figures it all out.
    Glad that you're back on line!

  6. I hate when moments of reality intrude on my virtual lifestyle...
    I know how you feel, especially when I moved and didn't have internet for over two weeks. Gah!
    Glad to see you back online!

  7. To be honest - for the first few days we really thought there was some kind of 'problem' which was fixable. I even thought of chopping down a branch on a tree which was leaning on the incoming telephone wire (I figured maybe this was causing the internet to just suddenly 'switch off').

    A phone call to India where our Australian supplier keeps its brainy people confirmed the router was in fact a piece of crap.

    But all is well now!!! I rejoice!