Monday, 6 February 2012

This is Major Tom to Ground Control...

Don't ask - It's been terrible. Ok, ask. No, no need, I'll tell you.
Life has been ****.
I spend every day in a drug induced stupor, by night time I want to cry with the pain - and to cap it all my keyboard stopped working so I couldn't access my desktop because I can't enter anything in the password section to get into my lap top.
"Not to worry" thinks I. Once my surgery is over I can fix it all. Yeah right, what a stupid naive idiot I can be sometimes.

Thanks to my brainy wee wife she worked out that Windows 7 has an on screen keyboard which means I can sit here and 'click' - (the click button still works) - each and every letter I need to get on line and then try to access speech to text to get things moving again (Please note that on the blue password screen there's a white icon down bottom left which leads to an on-screen keyboard should you ever have a dead keyboard). So here I am, angry, frustrated, annoyed, stupefied and absolutely raging at our run of bad luck.

Last week I fasted before my surgery. I did everything I was supposed to do - had an iodine soaked shower the night before, looked out clean underwear, brushed my teeth and packed my wee bag ready to leave for my 6:45 am surgery. At midnight the hospital called me to cancel the surgery - the surgeon had taken ill.

It's now rescheduled for the 13th.

I still haven't got speech to text up and running properly (It keeps giving me my daughter's speech files and not my own as the files have been corrupted while I've been trying to fix the keyboard problem ) so this is a 'point and click' post which has taken me forever to make appear.

"Ground control to Major Tom your circuit's dead, there's something wrong..."
"So I floating in my tin can, Far above the Moon,
Planet Earth is Blue and there's nothing I can do...."

Not in a good mood - and have been missing you all. No one to grump at but the kids. I sincerely hope everything is well with you all down there on the Blue planet.



  1. Oh Lord...sounds like a living hell... and so hard to have the surgery postponed. We have been worrying about you big time... Laura is having a little trouble with making comments so you are not totally alone in your misery. Sending hopeful thoughts your way.

  2. Oh, crap. We've all been worried about you. So sorry the surgery got postponed. That totally sucks. I hope that six months from now, you'll look back on this time and find something to laugh about. Sending all kinds of good vibes your way.

  3. Thanks Delores - Thank you Susan. I'll be in hospital for maybe a week - so I'll be gone yet again from the 13th. I just hope it all works out - I'm getting nervous now.

  4. Sounds like not much fun, Rory :( Good luck with everything. Love, Alec xx

    1. nothing we can say can help a shit time.....just to remind you we are all sending you our best wishes......

  5. I was so happy to see your little head pop up on my blog list today and now I'm bummed for you. Hope the surgury goes well on the 13th. Not much longer....

    Take care.


  6. Sounds a bit of a bastard Rory, but I'm glad you're posting again, we were getting a bit worried.

  7. Rory... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggh! I am so sorry to hear you're still struggling like this. Absolutely pants. And you even got clean undies ready. Now that is the clincher. Miss you and wishing you lots of luck for the 13th (and beyond). XX

  8. All good luck on the 13th, darling man. Everything crossed that this will fix it! So glad you're back. The internet wasn't the same without you. xx

  9. Thank you everyone - a real genuine, sincere thank you. It's been the most awful time for any number of reasons. However, I'm trying to be as 'normal' as possible and today should things go well I'll be blogging about the something positive for a change lol :)


  10. I love that song!
    Sorry to hear about the commuter troubles. I would go insane with out all my techi devices!
    I will wish really hard they don't cancel your surgery anymore and that you can get to healing!