Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Just for the CIA, the FBI, MI5 and 6...

No, I am not a terrorist but if you are intercepting my e-mails or reading my blog posts you could be forgiven for thinking I am. I do believe there may be some kind of cyber terrorist lurking within my computer.

No one specialises in writing the mundane and banal quite like I do, yet thanks to the wonders of modern technology and speech to text software, one could easily think I had become radicalised and was on a mission to destroy the planet.

Brenna was at her biologically responsible dad's the other day and e-mailed me, her socially responsible dad - to say she would be going to the city and wouldn't be home for dinner. I reminded her that 10 minutes before arriving home on the bus "Don't forget, send text". I issued the command 'send'. Then sat back horrified at what my software had just mailed her.
"Don't forget, Semtex".

It has to be trained, cajoled, shouted at to get it into its Bin Ladin sympathising brain that I am a man of peace! Last week my wife almost fell off her chair laughing at my repeated insistence that "Cool! It's easy and..." is not "Bullets to Disneyland".

And then of course, there's Delores (I typed the name) over at the Feathered Nest whom it insists on calling ' Lawless '. Overall however, as you can probably gather from this Blog post - it is slowly picking up on the nuances of my Scottish accent. I'm even hopeful that before too long it will get their law is correct (Delores).

Now, what could be a more peaceful, harmless, terrorism free blog post than one about pretty flowers? Well here goes;

It's the last two weeks of September - and something special here happens every year at this time (besides my busty) ' that should read birthday '. A particular flower in the garden bursts into bloom - I have no idea what it is but it is gorgeous. So much so that I photographed it this morning to share with you. "One plant. four flowers", I'll resist the temptation to say it explodes into colour as no doubt somehow that will come out as "plant, followers, explode."



  1. It's pretty, whatever it is.
    I don't mind being called LAWLESS Rory, really, in fact I'm thinking of changing my name.

  2. I think it's an Amaryllis (Red Lion)... it grows from a bulb. It's very lovely :-)

  3. Real purdy... Busty Grant. And who wouldn't want a nickname like "Lawless". That rocks.

  4. Wee yall no you're no tear wrist, Crawley. And I vote for "Lawless" too!

  5. Rory
    be careful what you write....
    big brother will have you tagged for the simplest remark and , like me, when you travel..you will be "pulled" at the airport!!!

    ( everytime I go to the US I am always stopped at passport control for a more detailed review... bugger knows just why!

  6. I understand the caution, but I also understand how those in power can abuse it by taking advantage of crises to further their agendas of stripping away our rights and freedoms. As Thomas Jefferson said 'Question with boldness, even the very existence of God, for surely He must honor honest questions instead of blind obedience. Hold to the truth, and speak without fear'. Those are words that I live by. Say what you mean and mean what you. Even if it means punishment or whatever repercussions, never abandon your beliefs, and thereby yourself.

  7. I fear Lawless may have to be the way of it lol.

    Annie - I Googled the name you gave and it looks a perfect match - Thank you! :)

    Starting over - absolutely correct!

    Carrie - I agree :)

    Laura - regrettably I think the Crawley days are over - It's kindly caught on :) Damn I just realised it said 'kindly' and not finally. Maybe it was kindly as it's been teasing me all along?

    John - Yet to experience the USA - And to be honest I don't look forward to that part of it - it all sounds traumatic.

    Julius - first thing my very first Uni Professor said to me when I got there was 'You've come here with a set of beliefs already constructed - I'll teach you otherwise. Once I've done that, remember your original beliefs and never let go of them as they are as valid as anything anyone else has to say.'

    I liked him.