Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gotcha Covered!

At some stage in our life - we've run out and bought an album of music. If we were lucky enough to have spare cash and the time to peruse what was on offer in the music store we might even make a decision on what to buy based on the album cover art (there are some sensational pieces of cover sleeve art out there). Today however, I want to ponder on what demon possessed the people below to officially sanction their sleeve art...these are the worst covers, I think, which have ever lurked in music stores.

This first one troubles me because I can't tell if it's a man or a woman I'll be listening to singing....

Religious folks, be yea not offended but if four Christians were to get together today and put out an album with this title they'd be stuck on a compulsory register for life...

Is there some kind of ritual slaughter of a virgin about to take place in the name of God and good music? The guy with the axe worries me....'Swing That Gospel Axe'???

I can't date these - but it seems there was a time in America when people wore dead animals on their heads? Or alternately - having 'High Hair' made you closer to God?

Who on Earth came up with this for an album title?

I have a wee problem with this next one - it's an arithmetical problem...'The Gospel Four'?...

And last but far from least - I think the less I say about this one the better...

Thank God for Led Zep, Floyd, Rod Stewart, The Stones, Gerry Rafferty et al. Dang they knew how to make a cover...

PS - Thank you to Alec Lindsay for spotting a very young Stephen Fry in that last album 'Jesus Use Me'.



  1. This is the 1st thing i've read this morning and boy has it made me laugh!!'Let me touch hm!?!..the Gospel Four!!':)lol
    Great post Rory

  2. The last group must be a drag act! That's a young Stephen Fry on the right. :)

  3. OMG Alec - It is Stephen Fry lol!

  4. Jesus Use Me... oh, dear, what were they thinking! Thanks for making me laugh, yet again :-)

  5. roflmao! Yep, that is definitely Stephen Fry... People apparently didn't realize how bad these titles (and hairstyles) looked until it was too late...
    'Let me touch him...' oh dear lord my tummy hurts from laughing.

  6. Swing that axe man.....anyone got a chain saw?

  7. What a nerve. The Faith Tones have always been a firm favourite in our household and my hair style is modeled on the girl on the left.

  8. I'll never recover from these. "All My Friends Are Dead"? Bahahahahahah!!!!!

  9. I guess the man-girl with the behive hairdo was NOT considered one of the four - I don't blame them either.

  10. Okay, I am dying here! from laughing so hard, I think I have a stitch in my side!!
    That is pretty scary that these were actual album covers and for christian singers no less!


  11. Hmm.. More likely a very young Robbie Coltrane, rather than Stephen Fry, perhaps. With Gary Barlow's dad and someone who looks a bit like the actor that played Martin Platt in Coronation Street. Nowadays, of course, it would be almost a routine number in one of those charity telethons where newsreaders turn into pole-dancers for the night.

  12. OMG... I'm so glad I sneaked in the time to view these today. I was feeling a bit poopy, but no more! Brandon will be wondering why I'm a giggling drooling mess when he gets home in six minutes (or so). Fan-freakin-tastic! Thanks, Rory.

  13. Hello Rory,
    Gosh, those album covers are frightening stuff. Indeed the stuff of nightmares! I'd much rather look at tranquil and serene visions that fill my eyes with wonder, such as those shy, unassuming album covers of 'Iron Maiden' :)
    Right then, must go and stare at 'The Final Countdown' album cover, featuring those music legends, 'Europe'..