Thursday, 11 August 2011

Who'll run the fastest at the Olympics?

I've been quiet of late - too stunned by the dreadful scenes coming out of London to really think straight. So many friends and family to worry about.

Things appear to have calmed and now I can think significantly more clearly. How on earth can London host the 2012 Olympics with such a seething cauldron of unrest bubbling just beneath the surface?

A suggestion was made that the Olympic logo for London be changed...I fear it may be more accurate than any of us would like...



  1. OK, that cracked me up. Genius.

  2. Oh dear! That is funny. But at the same time, not. I am horrified by what I am seeing in England. Could easily be happening to us here in the states. Very unsettling.

  3. maybe the location deserves a rethink this time around....

  4. That's pretty funny!. I don't know how we're gonna do it - but I'm getting the impression people here, in the 'host' boroughs especially, aren't quite 'feeling' the Olympics

    I reckon some folk over the past few days could have given Usain Bolt a run for his money!

  5. Given how much bloody money has been spent on it, they'd better figure out how to keep it safe. I suspect that they will have so much police presence you won't be able to fart without being locked up.

  6. I probably shouldn't have laughed at that. But I did. Because laughing at serious things, makes them less powerful.

    I am disturbed about all that's going on in England though. And not just in London, a friend of mine that lives in Newcastle said there's looting and rioting shit going on there too. Effed up.

  7. Man up, guys! Riots can and do happen everywhere, and always have and always will.
    I don't want to play down what happened. Where they happened the riots were bad. Resentment of the young unemployed and deprived boiled over in a few areas, violently, and the rioters sought out the material goods that western society's material culture tells us we are failures if we don't own. Suck it up. It'll happen if we continue to worship mammon.
    It happened in very few places, and involved very few people.