Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Austanspace is not Lost in Space

I just had a brief e-mail conversation with Laura from the Austanspace Blog. She just wants to let everyone know that she's alive and well but still isolated from her home as a consequence of hurricane Irene. So if anyone is worrying - no need - sun's shining where she's at and she just needs the ok, presumably from the authorities, that it's safe to return home.

Take care Laura - and all the best to you from all of us!



  1. Glad to know she's all right.

  2. Phew! Had visions of her up the proverbial creek without the paddle... seriously, I'm glad she's fine (although I never really had any doubts that this lady wouldn't be :-)) Thanks, Rory, for keeping us updated.

  3. Just checking in. Hope everything is going well for you.