Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Austanspace is not Lost in Space

I just had a brief e-mail conversation with Laura from the Austanspace Blog. She just wants to let everyone know that she's alive and well but still isolated from her home as a consequence of hurricane Irene. So if anyone is worrying - no need - sun's shining where she's at and she just needs the ok, presumably from the authorities, that it's safe to return home.

Take care Laura - and all the best to you from all of us!



  1. Phew! Had visions of her up the proverbial creek without the paddle... seriously, I'm glad she's fine (although I never really had any doubts that this lady wouldn't be :-)) Thanks, Rory, for keeping us updated.

  2. good luck to everyone post IRENE

  3. Just checking in. Hope everything is going well for you.