Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Different kind of day today...

Can't say much today - don't have the time. Me and my Robocop arm are off to the hospital to see if they can fix it. 'Nerve Conduction Tests' they tell me - Medispeak for 'We're going to electrocute you and see if your arm and hand respond'. Not looking forward to it. It would be good to get the arm and hand working again for sure, but I've enjoyed getting out of washing the dishes for a month. But then, there's one thing I'd really like to do again - play my guitar. All my life almost, I've been a musician. Not being able to play my guitar again would be...well, it's unthinkable.

Wish me luck :)


  1. Good luck.........I will hold all good thoughts for you.

  2. Good luck, Rory :o)

  3. I haven't known you for long, (what, a week?) but I know you're a good person. That's one of my talents, I can tell a good person when I meet one, even over the internet. That's how I met my husband. (Don't get any ideas now!)

    Being a musician (albeit an extremely mediocre one), I can understand the worry about not being able to play your guitar again. Music is life. But you will! You're too good of a person to not have both your arms working.

    Chuck says 'It all comes out in the wash'. He truly believes that everything turns out all right if you just let it.

    It gets irritating when he says this, and I say "You're so full of shit, and life sucks!" I just want to smack him when he says that and I'm feeling particularly down in the dumps.

    But then Chuck just gives me that look.

    And you know what? Chuckles is always right. There is always patience involved, but if you just be patient, everything'll work out. It worked when Chuck got cancer. And it worked when Chuck thought he had his cancer back.

    It may not work out how you thought it would, but it'll always be good for you.

    I promise! I'm not full of shit.

    You'll be ok, Rory.

  4. GOOD Luck buddy!

    I play my guitar as well. I also treat it as my life. It will be a damn thing for you not being able to play it. :)

  5. Thanks for the well wishes everyone - it turned out to be a very bizarre trip to the hospital! I love it when that happens - gives me something to blog about lol!

    And Kyna - I met my wife on the internet too! It was the singularly most unbelievable happening in my life ever! Oh good, now that I think about it, that's another blog post lol...

    Thank you all for your kind words - made my day - I'm now going to blog about what happened - might take me all night to do it (still got my Robocop arm) - but I gotta let you all know what happened!


  6. Well, looks like, in the words of Bob Marley, 'everythings gonna be alright...' ;-)
    (I just realized I'm 9hrs behind, duh!) My husband plays piano (blues) and my kids play guitar, drums and keyboard, so I know how you must be feeling about missing your guitar. I sing, but they only indulge me at Ne'erday :-(
    You could practice playing the moothie, wearing one of those head contraption thingymabobs, while your recuperating - just a suggeation :-)

  7. Hi Annie - Like IAMJOROSS said above - My guitar has quite literally been my life. I was a professional guitarist and singer for years. I haven't performed in Australia as frequently as I did in Europe but to lose my ability to play it would be devastating. I hold out the hope that Kyna's words above will ring true. I've kinda mentally prepared myself for having to move onto other things.

    Ah ha! You mentioned Harmonica - can I bore you for as minute Annie lol? My Dad is like me - getting old and doddery, when I first moved to Australia he e-mailed me to say he'd like to see three pictures which I take myself; mailed to him. Three pictures which symbolise Australia - so he said -

    I'd like

    a) A picture of a Kangaroo
    b) A picture of a Koala Bear
    c) A picture of a HARMONICA?????

    I'm presuming he meant didgeridoo and got confused - but he was very happy with the harmonica picture I sent him :)


  8. I like the sound of the harmonica and the didgeridoo :-)My dad played the harmonica, we called it his moothie. You are a very good son of Scotland, your dad must be very proud of you.
    I'd also like to see some pictures of the land down under too!
    Sending positive tartan vibes to your wee poor, poor... I'm sure you'll be strumming away sooner than you think!

  9. Did I inspire a blog post? lol I didn't even realize that. Just goes to show I should read comment replies on past posts before I reply to new ones so I don't look like an idiot lol. :)

    As I said on your newest post, extremely cool story you have of meeting your wife :)

  10. Yes you did Kyna lol - as soon as I read what you had written I thought 'Yes! I must blog about it!' - So thank you - you saved me hours of wracking my brain :)