Thursday, 19 May 2011

How much can I cram in?

 Well this is it then - the new blog. My wife insisted I create one so here it is. I won't bore you to death with all the usual 'I'm this and that' stuff, no, I'll bore you to death with something entirely different.

It's 7am here in Brisbane, Australia, and I've been awake since 2am with loupin' pain in my left arm. I can only type with one hand as my other looks like something which should be attached to Robocop. Splint on my elbow, splint on my hand, splints on my fingers - Cubital Tunnel Syndrome so they tell me. It's new to me and although it's excruciatingly painful, I'm  pleased it's a relatively rare condition as I wouldn't want to disappoint the concerned with 'Oh it's just a broken arm,' or 'Yeah strained my elbow' but 'Cubital Tunnel Syndrome' - it has a threatening ring to it so loved by us hypochondriacs. It reminds me of the Clyde Tunnel Syndrome I suffered from back in Glasgow - Every single time I went under that River I swore this was the moment it would give way and drown us all and so eventually I'd go to Govan via Erskine from Drumchapel, for those who know the area - (for those who don't there's always Google Earth). I take my tunnel syndromes seriously. 

Anyway I digress somewhat. I'm here in Brisbane a city I love, but missing Glasgow. As is the way of these things the only real news I get from home is always bad news. No one calls me to say 'Hey I found a tenner on the street today!' only things like 'Your Grannies dead and Auntie Flossie has bad hemorrhoids'. So via this blog I'm going to keep up with others, hopefully, who might add a wee bit of Scottish sunshine to the blistering heat we get over here.

Last real news I got from Britain was the Royal Wedding of William and Kate. I watched the scenes from Westminster Abbey live here on Aussie TV - I hadn't seen that many welfare claimants in the one building since I signed on at Anniesland dole office many years ago. They never ever televised that...

Back soon - fingers are giving me hell...


  1. Congrats on your first post! Keep em coming!

  2. Thank you Tracey! I will - more so when these splints come off - it has taken me three months to type this reply lol...

  3. I really like your writing style and your sense of humour. Keep up the posts :) xxx

  4. Thank you - that really was kind. I'm still getting the hang of all this 'bloggy' stuff and I'll probably post comments and replies in the wrong places so bear with me please.