Friday, 27 May 2011

Yip - It takes a woman to show a man how it's done.

I'm typing this up this morning because I'm feeling particularly proud - not of myself I hasten to add - but of my wife. I'm the writer in the family, always have been, but I have this terrible 'cultural cringe' which haunts me. It's a cloud of self doubt and lack of belief you develop because of your roots. My roots are firmly entrenched in the deprived, working class housing schemes of Glasgow. From there you're never really meant to amount to much - sometimes you start to believe when it comes to completing my book - self doubt can be overwhelming, I procrastinate, terribly.

Last year my wife more or less said "Goddammit Rory - I'll write a book, be finished before you are, publish it myself and show you how it's done!"

It was published 4 weeks ago, first in Kindle format, then paperback - I had a wee look on Amazon this morning - Amazon has over a million kindle books, and my wee wife, with no previous publishing history, no publicity, no experience of these things, has her kindle version sitting in the top ten thousand best sellers. Ten thousand out of a million!

I'm proud of you darlin' - no more procrastinating from me. Apart from my blog posts being a distraction lol.

I also need to add how proud I am of my step-daughter Brenna who's only 16 - She did the cover art!


  1. The bar has been set.....get at it lad.

  2. LOL Every morning she wakes up and asks 'Well have you finished it? Where is it?'

    But this week - it shall be done!

  3. Awww shucks. Thank you! xxxx I will hold you to that!

  4. Wow! What a talented family you have! How lucky are you! You know, when I started reading your blogs you reminded me of a female Meg Henderson - your stories are full of humour but also poignant and lovely. So, as they say in the working class areas of Scotland, 'Get yer arse in gear an' get on wae it!'

  5. Thank you Annie - to be likened to Meg Henderson is very flattering. My wife had done an incredible job on her book - I edited it but really she was so spot on with her final draft that a bairn could have edited it.

    Ah wiz fair chuffed that ah goat a wee mention in her credits :)

    My arse is now firmly in gear lol!