Friday, 20 May 2011

Do Women 'See' Differently from Men?

This blog was never, and is not, intended to promote my new book. So please don't think by following it you'll be subjected daily to the kind of post you're about to read  - but I have to record this 'wee event' for posterity.

Many years ago I used photoshop to remove from an image - an annoying spot from the end of my nose. It was so well done (you would never have known it had been there) that in my elation at my own abilities, I considered opening up a business removing unwanted blemishes from folks treasured photographs. I was good at this obviously so why not?

Anyway, the new book deadline looms large and a couple of weeks ago my wife brought up the subject of my cover art.
'Not a problem darling' I assured her, 'I'll make something in photoshop.'
'What will your themes be?' She asked.
'Oh it'll need to convey symbols of Scotland, passion, romance. That kind of thing' I replied.
She kinda winced at me and asked politely 'And you think you can do that?'
Well, I was gobsmacked. How could she doubt me? I was an expert in Photoshop and the way I'd removed that zit from my nose maybe I could have been an otorhinolaryngologist had life's road taken a different turn!

Anyway three weeks passed and she asked me how it was 'coming along'? I'd been trying out several ideas, ok one idea, and was pleased with it - so I showed her...

She gave me that 'You really are a cretin' kinda look, so I swiftly pointed out that I'd only been doing it for a few weeks - She disappeared into our office and headed presumably for her own lap top. Two hours later she reappeared with her memory stick in hand, plugged it into my lap top and said 'There's your book cover'. Which was what you see below...

I admit there is a certain appeal about hers, in fact I will go as far as saying hers is slightly superior. But no Tartan? C'mon? 



  1. Welcome to Blogland and thank you for making me smile! I am really enjoying your posts so far but maybe you should leave the artwork to your wife! Tam the Herd was wonderful!

  2. When does it hit the stands?

  3. It should have been completed last month and being edited now. However as you may have read mybabyjohn, I woke up one morning 4 or 5 weeks ago and my left hand had stopped working. So the last chapter still sits urging me to complete it - I'm hoping it will all be over, edited, and available within the next 4 weeks! Thank you for asking!

  4. Sue - forgive me please but I think I answered in the wrong place lol - God I'm such a noob - not to the internet I hasten to add - but to blogging.