Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Get Rid Of Them All...

Last night I wrote a Blog Post and realised that it would take me something like 20,000 words to get what I needed to, out there. I binned it.

Suffice to say that Britain is at a crossroads. I have an acquaintance who is serving three years in prison - we're not friends but have shared time and political platforms together. I have always admired and respected him, particularly for his honesty. When he was sentenced to three years for perjury even I, one of his staunchest admirers, found it hard to believe his claims that he was the victim of a conspiracy between Rupert Murdoch's News International, the Police and the British establishment. However I didn't write him off - it was in my mind just possible, however far fetched it seemed.

All hell has let loose in Britain as evidence has been uncovered that employees of Rupert Murdoch's News International have indeed been paying bribes to Police Officers. It has also been discovered that e-mails which Murdoch's News International claimed in court did not exist - and which could have proven my acquaintance's innocence - do in fact exist and have been found on a News International server by the Information Commissioner.

There is a disgusting cabal of corruption being revealed in Britain which threatens to beat a path all the way to the door of the Prime Minister.

Tommy Sheridan - I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

I, we all, owe a big debt of thanks to the Information Commissioner, ex Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and to the actor Hugh Grant for not letting this go.

The Bugger Bugged

The Disgusting Lengths They Will Go To



  1. The more I hear about Rupert Murdoch, the more he appears to be the devil in disguise as a journalist/tycoon.
    I'm not the biggest fan of TS, but even I thought that he was hard done by at his recent trial.
    How can the News of the World remain in print after all this? With any luck, it won't... but he has many other avenues.

  2. Thank you, Rory. Murdoch needs to be exposed.

  3. So will your friends case be reheard now based on this new evidence?

  4. I think given the new evidence 'beyond a reasonable doubt' is questionable - he must have an appeal heard and soon - or at least that's what I hope the outcome is.

    I'm sure he will appeal but things are very 'chaotic' at present - so much has been revealed in the last 48 hours that an emergency debate is being heard in Parliament right at this very moment.

  5. Rupert Murdoch has a hold on the politics here in the US with his ownership of one of our major TV stations. Fox is advertised as "fair and balanced", and it's viewers are vehement in their loyalty. I am very uncomfortable with this news venue as I find it very biased and somewhat frightening. He uses the symbols of "flag, God, and family" to draw his audience into the fold. It has been shown by an independent study that Fox viewers are the most mis-informed; they counter that by insuating that those who disagree are leftist pinko commies. His tentacles reach far and wide.

  6. I never gave up on him, even when every media agency(including the bbc and itv)were so obviously bias towards his 'guilt', which even had my husband questioning his innocence. I followed his trial on James Doleman's excellent blog 'The Sheridan Trial' (he was nominated for 'New Journalist of the Year Award' for his covering of the trial - a first for a blogger!). Tommy was found guilty on an 8 to 6 majority verdict - although, by the newspaper reports, you'd think it had been a unanimous verdict. I hope the 'lost emails' allow him to be out and about soon - and the Murdoch press gets what's coming to it, and EVERYONE who has been abused by them finally get's some justice.

  7. Annie - I'm really disappointed in myself for doubting him. I knew he was being stitched up but wondered how much of it he'd brought upon himself? It's becoming increasingly clear that an unholy alliance between the Police, The Establishment and News International will stop at nothing to get done what they want to have done. Tommy should be freed now.

    Starting Over - I give Fox a wide berth - I've heard some of the most outrageous claims on Fox news as well as some of them most ridiculous 'Political comments' - I don't know who owns what in the USA but Fox news is one I eye with suspicion.

    Craig - I don't agree with everything Tommy espouses - but I admire his tenacity and his willingness to sacrifice himself when he feels it is justified. I just wish more Scottish politicians had the courage in their convictions (no pun intended) that he does.

    I hope this sorry episode signals the end for Murdoch's 'News of the World'