Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Little Self Indulgence...

Forgive me for being somewhat self indulgent this evening please. I'm in trouble, I know I am.

Self Indulgence 1)  Something is going very seriously wrong with this old body of mine and the only reason I'm writing about it here is because I am completely and utterly stumped as to the cause. Most of you know my left hand and arm stopped working properly a few months ago - but this last few days the pain has been unbearable - it's like someone is setting fire to my arm and hand. Unfortunately it's now affecting my legs. The same burning and pain in my left hand is now affecting my RIGHT leg and less so my left.

I've been trying to figure it all out using the Internet - but the nearest thing I could find was a disease of Horses and occasionally Baboons. So if anyone has ANY ideas at all of what could be going on, please do comment and I'll go find out on Wikipedia just how long I have left.

Self Indulgence 2)  I said the other day that I'd be mentioning Blogs I find particularly inspiring or interesting - Ms Ray's Blog at Ms Ray's Psychic Episodes  is an example of an off-beat subject matter (Matters Psychic) treated with intelligence, a flair for writing that is refreshing, as well as being wonderfully humorous. Please do check it out if you get the chance!

Self Indulgence 3) I read Boris in Ayrshire's Blog today and realised that if you want to respond to someone visually in 'comments' you can't - you gotta go do it on your own Blog. So, with that in mind - I was in the town near to Craig, the author of the Blog, just last year in this very month - I had the most terrific lunch there, but couldn't remember the name of the place - so I 'Google Street Mapped' it - and here it is! The Brown building - 'Room' I think it was called, but I recall seeing surfboards in the window which aren't in this image? And yes Craig, the link you gave me was indeed the monument I was looking at - I had no idea it commemorated the Battle of Largs in 1263!

Why do Google Earth always send the camera's round on 'Bin Day'? My Wife and I have been praying they'd come around again soon as the picture they have of our place was the day I threw out a sofa the Dog had eaten. A special 'pick up' service was coming soon and the practice here is to leave all your rubbish out front for the Council to collect. We were a few days earlier than most putting stuff out, so it looks like the 'Family from Hell' live in this little part of suburbia.

Oh and Craig! I could only find the one picture I took whilst in Largs and I'm sure you've seen it a thousand times - but here is the one photo I appear to have salvaged from that trip...

Sorry I'm not my usual self today - normal service will be resumed as soon as possible - My distress must be showing and I'm being grumpy. It's the first time I can recall my wife telling me to - 'Go drink your whisky and get some sleep' lol.




  1. Sorry you are suffering from old geezers disease Rory. It is no treat when the old body starts to give out and send distress messages to the brain. Your wifes advise was good. Drink your whiskey and go to bed. Pile on another dog.

  2. Hi Rory... first of all the flippant stuff. I haven't tried Rooms, I always thought that it was more of a bar than a restaurant. Yes that's the Millport ferry.
    Regarding your ailment.. I'm really sorry to hear about it getting worse. What does your GP say? Has she done tests? As you might expect, the internet can throw up a million things it could be. This link may be useful:
    Diabetes? Neuropathy?
    All the best... let me know how it goes. But above all else, get checked out by the pros (but I'm sure you have done that already).

  3. But you aren't that old! Insist on a specialist opinion for Chrissake and stop arsing about looking for the answer on the internet! Ten to one that'll tell you you've either got Mongolian piles, or you're undergoing a sex change, or something equally useless. Don't delay. Love, Alec.

  4. Sorry to hear that it's getting worse. My mom suffered from neuropathy. It was very very painful and she actually refused to walk anymore because of the pain. It was caused because of her diabetes although I don't think you have to have diabetes to get it. Yes, by all means go to you doctor! There are medications that can help.
    Best of luck to you. Hope you can find some relief.

  5. I am sure you are going to have it checked out by a doctor and I can sympathize with your anxiety. Every day that I have another ache or pain, I check with Web MD. With you having symptoms of an ailment of a baboon or horse, are you sure you are not logged onto Vet MD.

  6. Christ, Rory, that's misery and I'm sorry to hear it. Neuropathy is a shitstorm and they have nothing good to stop or even ease it. Have they checked your spine to see if your nerves are being compressed? Stenosis does all you describe, but so does MS and a thousand other things. I hope you have good communication with your doc. Without that it's crazy-making. Keep me posted on what happens.

  7. Rory... Get thee @$$ to the doctor! The whole idea of muscle paralysis and pain is a worry. At the very least, you wanna rule out things such as MS.

  8. Thanks folks, my wife is making me call the Doc again tomorrow - so something's gonna happen for sure - if it all goes quiet on my blog for a few days then I've gone into hospital :( Things are actually a bit better tonight, not great but better :)

    And I just saw my first ever real life 'in nature' Koala Bear - it was hanging from our telephone wires near the roof lol - cheered me up :)


  9. Good! I'm glad your wife is pushing things along fer ya. Ye men are all stubborn when it comes to docs. Don't muck around with such ailments, mate!

    A koala? Really! You are lucky! After 12 years of living here, I've yet to see one in the wild. I'm starting to think I'd have better luck catching a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster!