Sunday, 31 July 2011

God Speed Stodgy Satay.

Hello again everyone, I'm sure you will all be delighted to know that I am using speech to text software to automatically take it very wants you are reading now. Like most bloggers I woke up this morning wondering what on earth I could see today and decided just to blog about the first thing we think I'm banged.

Already I can see from the words above that this thing is still struggling with a Scottish accent against today's post is going to be briefly in? View of my faithful followers will have noticed I've been posting more of the deal lately that I have been writing. I get a definitive date for my surgery on August 2 so hopefully it won't be too long before I am typing again or losing an hour and resigning myself to their software for my life.

Unfortunately a downside of using each detector software is the dog barking in the background and the TV running also. So don't be surprised if this thing. Automatically align a speech from toy story two which is what the kids are watching. Or every other sentences punctuated with both would would worth with both (Goddamit that's supposed to be woof woof lol - Yeah I typed this bit.)

Oh (That 'Oh' was my Dog barking) - I can see this remains a pointless exercise and are going to have to train it rather in the nuances of a Scottish accent (not the dog - the software)

God is the stodgy

God speaks softly

God speeds of three

God speed stodgy satay surgery - yes it's got its rights in the end!

(I should mention that it does more than just type my words (or tries to) - it also goes anywhere you want it to on the internet by command. Imagine my frustration then, when after saying 'surgery' for the tenth time it closed this page and took me to 'e-bay'. Aaaaaargh.)

It's still work in progress.



  1. God Rory... talk about trials and tribulations. But you did make me smile on a cloudy morning, so thanks for that. Best of luck for August 2. Hope to hear good news.

  2. You make me laugh :-) Good luck with the op!

  3. Please God, let the surgery work. Woof Woof.

  4. Ah, jesus Rory. That's hilariously frustrating. "Would would both," said the dog. I'll be waiting to hear on the 2nd, and good luck...

  5. This would be hilarious if I didn't feel so bad for you...okay I'll admit it still made me laugh!
    Good luck with your surgery on the 2nd.

  6. Mmm, peanut satay. It's adding question marks too. Hehehehe. Everything crossed for August 2nd! Oh oh oh.

  7. I wonder what the program would do with a New York or North Jersey accent? I guess you would need a censor for that one.