Monday, 25 July 2011

I Love Captain Ology

The title of today's Blog should read "I Love Technology" please allow me to explain.
My arm and hand are so desperate for surgery that I decided to use 'speech to text' software for typing automatically. However it takes a week or so to train the computer to understand the finer nuances of one's inflections and accent (which is what I have been doing for the last week) - today was to be the grand unveiling (or the 'grant invading' as my computer insisted).

Anyway as you may have guessed, I'm typing one handed again as things didn't go to plan. What should have been 'I'm happy to announce I've found a way of transferring my thoughts to text on my Blog', became
"Yam happy to an ounce I've found a way of  trance ferrying my thoughts to sex on my dog"

As a matter of urgency I found a second more upmarket software today which does the same thing only more expensively. To be honest I was very impressed with it and even now I'm still tinkering away with it. I spoke my first words into it this afternoon when I said "Hello there."
I was floored when it typed - "Damn - You're Scottish. This will be a long learning experience.", so I have high hopes for this one.

Meanwhile I'll leave you with the last words of the cheap one...

"Thank you to all my Block followers for your patients and Percy veering with me"



  1. Glad to hear the dog is safe.
    I hope the new technology works.....we miss you on line.
    When are you going in for surgery?

  2. Thanks for asking! I will be told this week when the surgery is - but I suspect it could be as early as this week for the surgery itself - as they made me sign the consent forms last week (which apparently is unusual).


  3. Percy's been veering since before Led Zep! Yes, let us know when surgery is.

    "Damn- you're Scottish." That's priceless!

  4. You have to get a program written by a Scottsmen/woman.

  5. Oh my God, that was hilarious. You should have just 'written' it all out that way, and let us wonder...

    Your poor dog. Hope you were gentle with him. And at least bought him dinner first.

  6. Good luck with your the arm Sir Gerry. Hope it's a trans ferrying pro see door!

  7. Way funny!
    Good luck on your surgery. Hope all goes well and you recover quickly.

  8. I love that. Good luck with the surgery Rory - I bet you can't wait to get it over with.

  9. I know how you feel - I need a translator just to converse with english people! Hope you're up and writing soon X

  10. Love that sense of humor! Try putting a wee bit of bagpipe music on in the background to give that thingamajig some context and put it in the proper mood.

  11. working in spinal injuries for so long we had alot of patients that used hands free computers
    I always remember the consultant looking at what one guy was "looking" at on the OT computer
    it was "big and

    you cant delete the page quick enough without fingers!!!