Saturday, 6 August 2011

I'd like to thank my agent...

...But I don't actually have one. This probably precludes me from a Pullitzer, an Emmy, an Oscar or any other glittering prize given that everyone's acceptance speech starts with 'I'd like to thank my agent...'.
However - what does it matter when Delores over at the The Feathered Nest hands out such sweet awards as the 'Liebster Blog' award? I'm delighted to be in receipt of it even if I don't have an agent or know what Liebster means.

I just checked to make sure that 'Liebster' doesn't mean 'interminably boring' and is a secret code/label among bloggers for 'Avoid this Blog at all costs' - and I'm delighted to say that it doesn't. It means quite literally 'dearest'. So with that in mind I'd like to thank Delores and following in the tradition of Liebster awards I now pay it forward by referring you to three blogs which I think are terrific but are under-followed (less than 300 followers).

So - here goes....

AUSTANSPACE (Where reality is offensive) really is wonderfully offensive in an informed and intelligent manner.  It's one of my favourite Blogs and by default means one of my favourite people is sitting behind the desk.

Just this week I stumbled upon Gonzo Curiosita which I also find wonderfully offensive in an intelligent and rational way.

It's such a shame I'm limited to three choices as there are so many Blogs out there I enjoy (If I follow you it's because I love your Blog - not just because you follow me!).

Number three this time however, goes to -  Carrie On Carrying On because it's just so damned nice. I love it when I read a Blog and can identify with the person juggling the words and sentences. And I do.

Maybe they would be kind enough to pass the love on?

In other news this week - President Obama turned 50, despite Republican protests. 
The global financial meltdown continues - meaning I may rush to empty the 70 cents in my bank account before it's too late. And (yes I know I started a sentence with 'and' - see previous post) my daughter Maddy is clock watching as she's obviously read something on the Internet which leads her to believe the world ends today at twelve minutes past eight (20:12).

Strange times indeed.



  1. I had to look it up too....I mean, who knew??

  2. Thank you Rory! This is exciting. Now I'll go ponder who to choose. I suppose it's bad form to return the favor, so....

  3. - President Obama turned 50, despite Republican protests.

    HA! You nailed that one.

  4. LOL! That's it, I can never go on holiday again. :D You made my day (week), Rory.