Sunday, 14 August 2011

I'm Genuinely Happy - Two Rights Have Made a Wong!

Forgive me for the title - I couldn't resist. She has the right to live openly and freely with her gay partner. She has the right to IVF treatment from an unknown donor - as a consequence Australian Finance Minister Penny Wong will be mother to a child within her same sex relationship with partner Sophie Allouache. I'd like to congratulate them both whilst pointing out how delighted I am with Australia's non-hysterical, tolerant and respectful attitude towards their news - a respect which is reflected in Australian media. Any coverage of it here has been 'matter-of-fact' with the only public dissent I can see - emanating from folks who would otherwise be stoning wayward wives to death were there not laws against it.

I can imagine the headlines in Britain or the USA if a senior Government official announced the imminent arrival of a child within a same sex relationship. I don't think there would be rioting in the streets but all the old prejudices, all the simmering homophobia would undoubtedly rise to the surface. I'm both delighted and proud of the Australian approach to this issue. It would be foolish and dangerous to suggest that Homophobia is dead in Australia - and of course there's still that little hurdle of gay marriage to address. One would hope it's only a matter of time before sense, justice and compassion prevail.

Meanwhile - back in Scotland, the party I supported all my life allowed bigotry and discrimination to raise its ugly head to the extent I almost ripped my kilt off. I hope again that sense and compassion will prevail. Nationalist MSP John Mason has tabled a motion at the Scottish Parliament stating that no person or organisation should be forced to be involved or to approve of same sex marriage. I could write for hours on this subject alone - but I won't. Calling Mr Mason a fool will have to suffice for now. My hand is dead again and I have a garden wilderness out there which on this Sunday is calling to be transformed into a garden of delights. I'm off to brave spiders and snakes armed only with gloves and a Dutch Hoe. That's the gardening implement type of Hoe lest anyone wondered.  :)



  1. Indeed so Rory. Actually I'm rather impressed that the SNP appear to be so outraged at the comments made. The old country is a lot more progressive than it used to be and that I thought it would be. I have no desire to get married (we have a CP for legal protection) but I don't appreciate being told I can't do something.

  2. It never crossed my mind (the hoe that is).
    Look at that happy face. May all things wonderful come to pass.
    Happy gardening. Is your surgery date soon?

  3. Do you rip your kilt off a lot, or just when you are out with your Dutch hoe? Just asking :)

  4. Great title!.. that respectful approach taken in Australia is a example of how things can be. No fuss, let people live their lives.
    Hope you enjoy the gardening!!

  5. It's nice to know there's somewhere on Earth that's not hysterical and bigoted. Rip off your kilt! LMAO

  6. In the US, I really don't think the average person would have a problem with it or even care. However, the papers would make it Page 1 and the TV news would be going crazy reporting it - detail by detail to get the left and right stirred up. It is a money maker for the media. Respect is not an option when it comes to the millions to be made.

    I am happy to hear there is one place in the world where there is regard for people's privacy.

    I hope all goes well with your surgery and you will recover quickly.

  7. I hope I arrived in time to see the de-kilting?

    Yay for human rights! :)

  8. You're right about how the U.S. would have handled similar news. Not us peons, mind you, but the narrow-minded, Holier-than-thou, right wingers in the government and media.

  9. The U.S. would implode in a riot of disorgnized sputtering.

    My respect for Australia has been increased.


  10. What a goodie-bag of catching up at your blog, Rory. I just love it here. I'm pretty sure you have made it a whole lot tougher for married men around the globe with your anniversary surprise. Congrats (and thank you, pudding pop).

    Way to go Australia! And that will give something to cheers about at the next Wong Convention.

  11. I missed that one, Rory. The silly old arse is obviously trying to impress his blue rinsed constituents. Hopefully it will come right back and hit him on the beak!

    For the past week I've been off into cyber space checking out socialist web sites... I despair, I really do...

    I'm so glad to be back catching up with your humouress wisdom. And thank you for recommending Austanspace, reading her blog felt like coming home :-)