Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Every Picture Tells a Story

If you like photographs - then today's Blog is for you. If not - then best to close your browser now and wait for the next instalment. I'm a bit short on words today (and my hand is playing up badly) so thought I'd keep the momentum going with some images from my life here in Oz. I've never really been 'into' photography - never really tried, but my wife loves it and as a consequence I've developed the same taste. Every chance I get I'm taking photographs...

These are some of the photographs I've taken since arriving here with explanations of what was going on...

Down at the bottom of our street is 'bush' as they call it here - I rarely actually see any bushes though - just lots of trees so quite why it's called 'bush' escapes me. Anyway, most mornings Kangaroos are hiding out there - I thought I'd try and capture one on camera - I got lucky! The way they stared at me I think they were pretty annoyed at being surprised lol...

During a roam around the countryside we passed a farm with Emu's running around - We stopped to take a picture and this guy/girl just couldn't be more helpful when it came to posing for me...

A short drive from our house is one of the best beaches in Australia - Byron Bay. I'd like to say I scaled mountains, braved spiders and snakes to take this picture - but I didn't - I just jumped out the car and poked the camera through a bush - yes a real 'bush'!

Every year we go to the 'EKKA' - I haven't actually asked what the EKKA means yet - but the kids love it - it's full of fun fair things and Maddy and Brenna's passion - HORSES!

This is my adorable faithful friend 'Banjo' - refusing to come out of the water at Christmas Creek.

And here's my two wee darlin's - Brenna and Maddy...

I have heaps more pics but I won't bore you all to death lol. I really enjoyed looking through them this morning and reflecting on the memories they brought flooding back.


  1. Your girls are true beauties! Love the picks especially the kangroos and the ostridge. That beach begs me to come lay on the sand. I would love to vist there someday.

  2. Great pictures Rory.
    Here in Canada we call a virtual forest of maple trees a "sugar bush" so go figure. If a farmer has a few acres of trees it is called a "bush lot". I know, makes no sense.
    I love seeing photos of other countries.
    Your girls are lovely.
    Sure hope that arm heals up soon. We need you back typing with both hands.

  3. Fantastic pics, Rory. And such a contrast to the one in your last post! Your two 'wee yins' are sure going to break a few hearts in the years to come :-)

  4. I love taking pictures. My blogs always TOO full of them :) And I loved seeing yours. Very cool to see how different people live around the world..:D

  5. Greetings from Southern California

    I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit TOGB and become a follower, if you want too.

    Take care and have a nice day :-)

    BTW, Great Photos!

  6. "Bore?" Those were FABULOUS!! I especially enjoyed the kangaroos doin' the gansta thing, looking in the camera like, "You tawkin' ta me?!"

    And the ostrich: "Hi! I'm an ostrich! Happy to see you, you look like a snack!"

    Those are lovely young women you've brought into the world, too. See? In more ways than one, you've proven that a true artist is never only disciplined in a single medium!

    Such a joy to see you back and posting again, friend!
    Ms. Ray

  7. whoops...Sorry, dumb American moment: it's "emu" not "ostrich."

    And sorry to my fellow Americans who may have taken offense to to the previous sentence...

    And I think I'll just shut up and have more coffee now.


  8. Great photos, your girls are lovely. But the Emu made me burst out laughing! Have a wonderful day!


  9. Great pictures. Your daughters are also something to be proud of.
    You've been tagged on my blog!

  10. Thank you everyone! You're all very kind. Forgive me please for not individualising replies as often as I normally do. My hand is playing up again.

    And patty - your'e right - I do have a gift - My wife and children. They have revitalised me and kept me sane!


  11. All are nice photo and your daughter are very lovely. Yes, every picture tells a story.