Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Sixteen Men of Tain

Och - I went through an hour of louping hell yesterday getting a new splint fitted - Today the laundry dryer has packed in, the rollers on the back door have given way (meaning I need to drag a GIANT glass door just to get out the back garden), the lawnmower has thrown a hissy fit, and for the first time ever in my life I really do feel old - so what's a man to do?

Drink Malt Whisky.
So that's what I've been doing.

Whoever said 'don't put off till tomorrow, that which you can do today' was an idiot. More than this - he was neither Scottish or had ever tasted a good Scottish Single Malt Whisky or had a broken back door and clothes drier.

I rest my case.

That was today's 'Philosophical thought' brought to you by Rory D Grant and Glenmorangie.

Oh! Oh! I just remembered something about Glenmorangie! Ha! I must tell you - On the label of every bottle of Glenmorangie (The best Malt Whisky in Scotland) are the words - Perfected by THE SIXTEEN MEN OF TAIN.

When I wrote my Thesis at University, as is the custom, I thanked everyone in the acknowledgements, my Mum, my Dad, my Professors, but mischievously I also added - the sixteen men of Tain (Without whom it would never have been possible) - No one really noticed lol. One Professor even remarked that it was good that I had taken the time and trouble to travel to Tain to do research. He had no idea I was thanking a bottle of Scotland's finest.

I raise my glass to you Glenmorangie and the Sixteen Men of Tain! May yer lum aye reek!

Rory D (for drunk) Grant :)



  1. It is good there is something out there to kill the pain of life.

  2. My Scottish* grandfather reverses the pernicious adage you mention, to 'never do today what you can put off to tomorrow'. He also loves most single malts, although he's not a fan of the Islay style. His favourite is a lowland one, Bladnoch, from Galloway, which at one time recently was on the edge of extinction. He swore he'd go as well if it closed. Apparently it's somehow got a new lease of life.
    *I mention his race because I have an English one as well.

  3. Hey! I gave you a blog award, come check it out!

  4. Hi there, new follower from Jen's page. (Saw her award) And of course I have to follow because I'm half Scottish. ::Raises her glass::

  5. *raising my glass of Soctch*

    A TOAST TO TAIN! - For without there would be no "containment," which is obviously where your personal Mercury went into its own retrograde.

    Now, I'm not one for "when the going gets tough, the tough get drinking." However, I do believe in the benefits of listening to what's around me and obviously what's around you has been saying, "Stop."

    Glad you listened! Promise, things will definitely get better.


  6. You truly are a 'genuine daft' and you make me laugh :-)

  7. Thank you everyone - It has taken two days but I am now genuinely sober :)

    Of course nothing has changed at home - everything is still broken and crying 'fix me' - but at least I can see clearly enough to make a start on them all.

    Should be finished by 2015 and I don't mean quarter past eight.