Sunday, 12 June 2011

Thinking out loud.

Well, I'm back and would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of sympathy - for those of you who e-mailed I'll sit and write replies over the next 24 hours (I'm even slower typing for reasons which will become clear in a moment).

Mum's funeral was yesterday and only now do I feel I can get my head down and get back to work.  I climbed into bed last night though quite despondent. Mum had said farewell - my arm and hand were giving me hell and a faucet had snapped off in the bathroom causing consternation - How do you fix things like that with just one hand? My hand had been giving me so much hell that I took the splint off from it and left it in the sitting room - just to get some movement going in it. Bad mistake.

I love my Dog, I adore my dog! He's a two year old Black Labrador with more lust for life and fun than any dog I  have ever known. He even plays games on his own in the backyard if no one is available - give him a ball and off he goes throwing it for himself and chasing it. He's in the bad books today though - I awoke this morning to find he'd eaten my hand splint overnight. A panic stricken phone call to the hospital ensued and they are making me another one for Wednesday.

My wee wifie (I don't really call her that lol - I wouldn't dare, but it'll give her something to break off from writing the second in the series and talk to me about when she reads this lol) Well I'm so happy for her, for us both really - her debut novel which she published herself made it to the Bestellers list at Amazon on Kindle - No 87 is the highest spot she's held so far so I'm really, really proud of her (Oh and I'm happy with my role too - I edited it). Woo Hoo! I can say I edited a Bestseller!

I suppose this blog post is what a blog post normally is - an update of what's been happening while I've been AWOL. I guess that means there's no usual punchline, no signature 'style'...

Well maybe there is...

Couldn't help being very reflective this week - You know? Thinking about what really matters in life. Nothing comes higher than family and friends, the people you know and love - as I was reading through the comments many of you left, I was touched by everyone's comments in this sad week. So many people said 'Thinking of you' - it struck me what a wonderful compliment that is - to be 'thought of'. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are, or what you do - the knowledge that someone, somewhere is 'thinking of you kindly' is an enormous compliment because at that moment in time it means you have been given their undivided attention. You've occupied their 'brain space' and in some way one hopes, their affection. It might only be for a fleeting moment but it doesn't matter - you made yourself either loved enough, important enough, valuable enough, cared about enough for any number of reasons - to be 'thought of' by another.

With that in mind - I know it's cheesy, I know it's cliched, I know it might even come across as glib - but it's true nonetheless - I'd like to say that at differing stages this week none of the following were just 'names' to me - You were all 'thought of' with much appreciation and kindness...

Betty (Liz)
ingeeklove (Don't know your real name - sorry)!
Jo Ross
N E Avery
Sophie Li

If by any chance I missed anyone - it's purely because this is the second time I've had to type it as the first disappeared - and it's now 2:15am, my hand is killing me and I just want to sleep - The burglar alarm next door has gone off and I'm waiting for the cops to arrive. Why can't life be simple???

Must just add another 'Maddyism' - The burglar alarm next door woke her up and she came outside to see what the noise was all about - She found me already out there and said, "If there are burglars Rory and they have guns - will you stand in front of me and if you get shot I'll let you fall on me and I'll pretend I'm dead"
"Err yeah okay Maddy - but wouldn't it be safer and easier just to go indoors now and let me deal with it?"
"No way!!! This is gonna be so awesome to tell everyone at school on Tuesday."

Kids  :)



  1. I've been AWOL as well for over a week and I am just now catching up on my blog reading. I am truly sorry to hear about your loss. I know there are no words that could possibly help at this time but I wanted to say that I am thinking about you and will always remember this post when anyone says that to me. You brought home the point so fiercely. It gave me chills.

    I wish you the best.

    xo, Shannon (Thumber)

  2. Glad to see you back. You've been missed.

  3. This is my first real day back as well. I've been trying to catch up. You have my deepest condolences for your loss.

  4. I'm very sorry for your loss and I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    I'll check out your wife's book on Amazon, what an accomplishment!


  5. Rory, I’m so sorry for you loss! :( I apologise for being MIA from your blog. Between all the craziness I’ve been juggling, I want you to know that y’all have been on my mind and in my heart. Hang in there, mate. Sending you a great big ((( HUG )))

    And a great big “congrats” to the missus for her astounding success!!


  6. Glad you're back, Rory :-) You know, I've no doubt in my mind that, in the near future, you'll do something wonderful to make your Mum especially proud - maybe even have an other 'best seller' in the family... (well done to your 'best seller' of a wife btw!)

    Keep up the good work and don't you be going buggerin' aboot with your splint ever again!

  7. Good to hear that your back :) You have been missed a lot :)

  8. just caught up with your blog
    and apologies for the lateness of it but you have my sincere best wishes
    been there myself...

    nothing else to say
    except let everyone cushion you


  9. So happy you're back. Life's not the same without a Rory Story here and there!

    Mend well, my friend.