Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Such a parcel of rogues in a nation...

Inevitably, due to the motion picture 'Braveheart' starring Mel Gibson, many of you will be aware of who William Wallace was - and how proud the Scots are of one our nation's true giants of history. Many of you will be unaware that Wallace was responsible for creating a new way of thinking about Nationhood and the Liberty of Man. There was no similar philosophy in the known world at the time. You could argue that Wallace was responsible for inspiring the men who knowingly signed and sealed their own death warrant when they penned the incredibly awe inspiring 'Declaration of Arbroath' in 1320 - " long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself."   (See Image Below)

Even though the movie is as steeped in reality as The Lion King is, it's why you hear Gibson cry aloud during it - 'Freedom!' - It's all that Wallace was about - not riches, not land, not status...but freedom.

Is it any wonder that we felt it necessary to build a monument to him (Though once again we had to turn to America to find the money as our sheepish politicians didn't think he was important enough to be recognised)...

For several centuries now, Scotland has effectively been brought under English rule. Recently, with a wee bit of tussling, Scotland has wrestled some power and authority back again, and recent election results have brought the promise of more - but it's not really the politics of the matter I want to get into - it's the destruction of those things of historical value which the Scots possess that are perceived as lending support to those who would argue for an Independent Scotland.

On the edges of my own home city, Glasgow, is a place called Robroyston - it is known that whilst William Wallace was on the run from the English he stopped and took his last drink of water as a free man from a well located there. It took Americans, proud of their connections with Scotland to raise the money to preserve the well as an important symbol of Scottish history several centuries ago. Today, it is in ruins. Glasgow City Council which is controlled by a political party who don't favour Independence has allowed it to fall into disrepair. They built a housing scheme nearby, and the increased traffic on the narrow road has destroyed the outer retaining walls leading to the well.  They now want to destroy the well and widen the road - citing the well as of 'no historical importance'. The place where Scotland's most stout defender had his last drink of water as a free man before being butchered in the most abominable of 'no historical importance'??? He had only walked a few yards from the well before being captured at this very spot!

You know, even if it was the hated Edward the First who stopped there and drank before capturing Wallace I'd be saying 'Save it!' - Even if it was more symbolic to the English I'd be saying 'Save it!' - It's history for God sake. It's somewhere people can go and 'connect' with the legends of their forefathers and the creating of their nation.

This is how it looked thanks to a local organisation and American supporters...

This is the state of disrepair it is in now...

This location has to be preserved - Glasgow City Council must be made to 'think again' before it is too late!


  1. It's a shame that such historically significant sites are either brushed aside or allowed to decay without any inkling of concern. Best of luck with the preservation and the independence, because the latter is greatly valued by Americans.

  2. Thank you for your comment Julius. The national media are saying very little if anything at all about this - and of course that facilitates the objectives of those who would destroy it.

    My hope is, that if enough noise is made - they will be made to re-think.


  3. Utterly disgraceful - I've tweeted your coverage using @traquir and have emailed NewsNetScotland ( to ask if they can cover this.

    I would suggest you consider turning the blog entry above into an article to be posted on NewsnetScotland

    I would also suggest tweeting to the various SNP MSPs & councillors in Glasgow (as of May 5th there are now a lot them).

    Another approach I would recommend is to consider an epetition with
    the Scottish Government -

    Excellent work uncovering this and critical that historical sites like this are fully protected.

  4. Thank you Traquir! You have given me some useful contacts there and rest assured I will be using them!

    Much appreciated!


  5. Valiant men fought and died for Scotland’s freedom... Their memory should be honoured, not disregarded and disrespected. Shame of the political puppets for not protecting the heritage! Just my two-bobs worth.

  6. This is a disgrace. They're nothing but a bunch of philistines! I'll be lobbying my brand new SNP MSP to look into this further - way to go the SNP BTW :-)

    PS Just heard on the news that a 590-ft-long cave, described as 'possibly the most beautiful in Scotland' has been discovered in... APPLECROSS!

  7. More and more, people are losing their identity due to 'progress' and the march of the modern world to make everyone's lives better. National identity is a very sacred source of pride. I pray you're able to bring sanity and compassion for yours.

  8. Good luck Rory. It is important to preserve our history for future generations. Get in there and mix it up. William Wallace is watching.

  9. As an American, I am envious of your land's rich history - the good and the horrifying. It saddens me that landmarks such as this are neglected. Our history as humans is so important. Without it, we are nothing.

  10. Rory we are talking about the Glasgow City Council, well known for being Mercenaries. I have never met one yet that has helped anyone unless there is something in it for them (Politically that is). They gave permission to destroy the 'A' listed Fairfield Hammerhead Crane to the american owned BAE Systems but will not even try to save Wallace's Well. Just be greatful your not here to the historic buildings they have destoyed.

    Robert Pool

  11. Robert - are we talking about the 'Iconic crane' with the square top sitting on the riverbank? No way! No way! Surely to god they didn't sell that - it was truly an icon of Glasgow's industrial history.

    Aww man - I am so peed off.