Friday, 17 June 2011

Moving Pictures...

Whoever said 'Don't put off till tomorrow that which can be done today' was very wise - today everything still refuses to move - my clothes drier, my back door, and my lawnmower.

And I have a hangover.

So my brain is kinda stuck in first gear, going nowhere fast today.

So, today, I'm just going to throw up my five favourite paintings of all time - Hopefully it will tell you something about either my psychology or just my taste in art. A 'getting to know each other better' kind of blog without me having to get all 'wordy' here goes - At number one is probably one of the best loved pieces of art in the whole world...

The Lady of Shallot 1888 Oil on Canvas - by John William Waterhouse

I just love the serenity of it and yet the vibrancy of the colours and overall beauty of the composition speak of so much more going on. I just love it!

Number 2) Sadly, historically, women artists were and still are largely overlooked - this is a piece from a woman artist from America who travelled to Europe to try and get to grips with impressionism. I think she succeeded brilliantly and is vastly underrated. Sisters. 1885 by Mary Cassatt.

At number 3) Well what can you say about Salvador Dali? I've seen this masterpiece up close many times and it takes the breath away each time - the perspective is amazing. Sadly there are signs of damage on it where it has been attacked by religious fundamentalists. They are not happy that Christ's head is bowed in what appears submission. Several times they've tried to slash the canvas...

Christ of St John of the Cross. 1951 by Salvador Dali.

And at Number 4) The cow in this strikes a discord in the painting - the way the tree bisects it makes the painting have an odd angular quality which in ways detract from its overall beauty - but I still love this painting - Poor Fauvette 1881 by Jules Bastien-Lepage

And finally at number 5) This painting is quite incredible - the subject matter is not even in the painting - it's at the end of that rope leading out of the picture. The Last of the Clan 1865 by Thomas Faed...

There - I've shown you mine - how many of you are gonna show me yours? I honestly think seeing what people prefer artistically is a great of way of getting to know someone! With the tremendous resource the internet has become I'm fairly confident you'll find at least a few of your favourites out there!




  1. It would appear that you are mostly a "realist". Certainly no abstracts here.

  2. All right...I've posted mine.

  3. Thanks mybabyjohn! I had a wee look and they were very impressive! I wonder if we interpret differing things from them? I viewed yours as dark and mysterious, moody and even broody with the exception of the Van Gogh. And yet I daresay they can be viewed as uplifting or inspiring - maybe we decide what it speaks of and not the artist?

  4. What an interesting concept- I like the insights to a person gained through their taste in art.

    I love the Salvador Dali one.

    I'll have to noodle on my favorites. However, I'll wait for a few weeks as I am making a visit to the Louvre and Versailles soon, and that may alter my favorites once I get to see them in person.

  5. To me, my choices speak of solitude, strength, power and a dark presence looming somewhere in the background.

  6. I love Salvador Dali-I have a widget that shows different paintings at the bottom of my blog. I also enjoy M.C.Escher. There is also a little girl that is an amazing artist-Akiane-simply amazing.

  7. I’m a big Van Gogh fan. I read everything on the man, including a book entitled “Lettres à son frère Théo” (letters to his brother Theo). If you can find an English copy of this book, it’s truly worth reading. It’s such a tragic life, and you can really feel the progression of his pain in the letters. I personally think he was a true artist in every sense of the word; sensitive, empathic and authentic.

  8. Thumber - I would wait too if I were heading for the Louvre lol - Oh I so envy you that one!

    Danielle - The work of Dali is amazing. Wow I had never heard of Akiane but I have now - just checked her work on Google and it's stunning for someone so young.

    mybabyjohn - When I saw yours I picked up on the strength and the solitude but wasn't quite sure how to articulate them - but yeah they are very strong and individualistic.

    Crea8 - Van Gogh's life was a tragedy. It's amazing but just a few years ago I listened to a very old woman on video who used to sell him paints and pastels when she was a youngster. She's probably not around anymore but it was incredible to think someone out there still remembered him in the flesh.

  9. rory
    was the handover worth it!

    good for you

  10. My favorites of the ones you posted - The Lady of Shallot, the painting of Christ, and Fauvette. One of my favorite artists is Pierre Auguste Cot. He uses soft, almost minimal color to create warm and inviting scenes.I love The Storm and Springtime. The two mentioned feature the same young couple, and they are just beautiful!

  11. My favourite of the ones you posted is also The Lady of Shallot. I actually bought it along with 'Ophelia' by John Everett Millais at the local charity shop (reproductions obviously!) You've inspired me to get back to blogging. Going to post an individual blog re my 5 fav paintings of all time - thank you :-)

  12. John - Yes! LOL

    Wow - Kimberly - Just Googled Pierre Auguste Cot - some really stunning stuff there - I particularly liked 'Ophelia'.

    Wow Annie - how synchronistic is that? I hadn't reached your comment yet when responding to Kimberly and yet the one of Cot's I liked best was 'Ophelia' and although it's by a different artist is precisely what you highlighted - cue the theme tune from the x-files.

    I look forward to your paintings blog!