Sunday, 19 June 2011

To Clarence with love...

Dear Clarence,

You and Springsteen gave my teen years a vibrancy I never knew could exist. There was no such thing as a mundane Monday, even stepping onto a bus and heading for work was a pulsating experience thanks to you two. There was fire in my feet and purpose in my stride. You banished all those foreboding dark city nights and shadowed alleyways pierced by neon, and turned them into something magical, something breathtaking.

Your music gave life a rhythm, a poetry, you showed us ordinary folks that our lives were rock opera's of the grandest order.

Rest in Peace Clarence Clemons. You life changer you.



  1. I saw the E Street Band in the summer of '77. It was tough,loud and wild. Loved them ever since. The Big Man's death is like the wind being knocked out of me. Thanks for a sweet tribute.

  2. It was the 90's before I got to see him personally in London Austan. One of the best nights of my life.

    You know - there are so many impeccable performances on hundreds of tracks which he gave. The one above for me is notable for one thing more than any other though - There's an astounding vocal, there's an incredible virtuoso piano performance, there's a brilliant guitar solo and a spellbinding bit of drumming going on - and yet what folks remember is that sax solo. It says everything about the talent of the man.

  3. It is truly astounding how music infiltrates every core of our being, even when we're not looking for it. I believe it is so powerful, so true it is the only medium that can achieve world peace.

    If I didn't have Iron Maiden after I hit puberty, I wouldn't have the pleasure of yours or anyone elses company on this plane today. I think we choose sounds that reflect our silent screams inside, not the other way around.

    I am so sorry for this loss. Though I've never been a fan, I am aware of his talent (I used to play the sax in school. But, I absolutely most assuredly understand the emptiness left behind when one of our heroes passes on.

    So sorry, friend. Keep rockin'!

  4. Ms Ray - until I was forced to retired recently, my whole life was about music and the performing side in particular. Clemons was someone who inspired me greatly - not just through his music, but his love of the art, his showmanship and his humility. I rarely label anyone 'genius' - he's one man who more than deserves the accolade.

    Thank you - and yes of course I will keep on rockin' - I just need a new hand - then I'll be out of retirement :)