Saturday, 25 June 2011

Everyone's a Winner :)

It's been incredibly remiss of me not to catch up with all you wonderful people who have been so kind toward me lately. I've just been so, so busy, particularly in this last 72 hours or so. Really sorry. It seems that in the last two weeks I've picked up a touching award (I don't  mean I was good at touching someone or anything like that - dang it's late, I've had a hard day and the words aint flowing - I just mean it was touching to receive it) from two people - Jennifer at A Book, A Girl, A Journey bestowed the Versatile Blog award upon me and Kimberly at Kimberly Krey, The Write View offered up the hardest one to spell off the top of my head - The Irresistibly Sweet Blog award lol (woo hoo - I typed irresistibly without a dictionary at this time of night!). Thank you both kindly. I have a speech here which I was saving for my Pullitzer but Wikipedea tells me Pullitzers are reserved for American authors only, so I may as well use it here...

I'd like to thank everyone who has ever read my Blog - not simply because that's who I write for - but that's where the inspiration and motivation comes from - from you.

Now apparently it seems I need to divulge 7 or 8 things which no one would know about me - and it strikes me there are about 7,777 things folks won't know about me as I've had a very, very strange life...but I'll keep it simple :)

1) I can't recall how old I was at the time (16? 17?) - but I was the youngest Community Councillor in Britain at one time - I made it to the hallowed halls of power with a stunning total of seventeen votes - beating my rival by two votes from a potential electorate of Six thousand! How's that for voter apathy and a ringing endorsement of me as a candidate?  :)

2) I drifted so far out to sea on a surfboard in Scotland once, that when I was rescued, I could speak fluent Norwegian.

3) Mel Gibson's frightened of me. (Long Story).

4)  Prince Edward's frightened of me (Short Story).

5) I fell out of an aeroplane once and lived - it was on the ground at the time but even so - damn it's a long way down from the door.

6) When I was a kid, we were so poor that one year I got 'cotton wool' for Xmas - I was never quite sure why it was cotton wool of all things - but hey I played with it for a year and I don't think it damaged me psychologically. It didn't become a fetish or anything.

7) I love Cacti and Poppies - I mean I really love Cacti and Poppies! In Scotland I'd grow all kinds of flowers but those two I'd spend forever on. I used to grow so many flowering plants -  and I mean like thousands of plants - and then sit them outside my house on trays for passers bye to take away free of charge. Local Florist hated me. There's just something amazing about growing things from seed and watching them really blossom - I tried it here in Oz but the dogs would always pee on the seedlings. Ah I miss growing plants.

8) I genuinely believe there's substance to 'Abiotic/Abiogenic Oil' theory. I really do.

Well there you have it - now there are other obligations placed upon me for these awards...I believe I now make special mention of any Blogs which attract me...

Honestly I'm not being diplomatic or polite - but there are so many and all for differing reasons I couldn't possibly list them all...apart from anything else I would be terrified of missing someone - but rest assured if I follow your Blog it's because it's excellent for one reason or another...It seems so unfair to even type one above another they are all so if you don't mind - over the next few weeks at varying times, I'm going to mention every blog I follow and why I follow it...

Lately I've been an avid reader of Austanspace - apart from a scintillatingly lucid view of life, there's wit and compassion in abundance. And she has my own favourite approach to Blogs - If it moves and annoys you - blog about it. You never know where her sights are going to be set or on whom. It's also like waking up to a wee box of chocolates every morning - never know what's going to be in there.

Mybabyjohn - The feathered nest is superb - again it's another box of chocolates to wake up to. Good writing and not afraid to express her 'real self' - which is lacking in so many blogs out there.

I only discovered this one yesterday and read almost the whole thing until I was falling asleep lol - It's so well written - and again compassion from someone with a real feel for what's going on around him - Cognac Guy - Boris in Ayrshire

Perpetuawhimsica - Muser I love the art which keeps appearing there - I like to think it reflects the personality of the individual creating it. It may not be to everyone's taste but I think it's unique and kudos to her for keeping it up almost daily. Forces me to think of what's behind it before I start my day.

Cre8tivesoul - The Four Aces It's another box of Chocolates every morning :) Never know what's going to be there - there's a good chance it'll involve Cats though lol - You know what's really funny - the profile on this one says the author is from Brisbane (where I live) - I like to think we get on really well here in Cyberspace - but what if it turned out to be the neighbour from hell behind me lol? Or maybe I'm her neighbour from hell?

John from Going Gently  writes a terrific Blog which is so comprehensive about that which he's describing - you feel part of it. And I keep meaning to ask if that's ISA BROWNS or HI-SEX on the front page - as I used to keep chickens myself and they look like mine - they were rustled you know lol?

Forgive me - for if I keep going with a blog roll of honour - I'll never get to bed and it's 1:09am already. Like I said - every Blog I follow is immense for one reason or another to me - and I'll be letting you know why in relation to each one over the next few weeks.




  1. I'll be looking into each and every one of those blogs you mentioned...and thank you. I don't know what I would do without my "blog outlet" and the wonderful people who comment on it.

  2. I'm bowled over! Thanks Rory, and I'll be checking out these blogs, cuz I know you're a guy with discerning tastes! ;D

  3. Gosh Rory, that's so nice of you to mention me. I'm working my way through your archives now, so I can guarantee being entertained for quite a while!

  4. Thank you, Rory! I’m speechless... I never thought my lowly little blog would bring you (and others) such enjoyment! I’ll keep it interesting, and I promise, I’ll make an effort in expanding beyond the “feline focus”. LOL!

    Your blog is my daily breath of fresh air. In a world so plastic and fake, it’s nice to find something genuine... Especially on the web! Your authenticity shines through in your writing, mate! :)

  5. Thank you so kindly for the "follow" and the appreciation. I love art. I love to create it. It's expression and inspiration and I enjoying sharing it and sharing a little or maybe a significant part of me....... :) P.S. Huge congrats on your Kindle Book!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nicely done! Hoping to hear the long story behind Mel Gibson and Prince Edward...